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APM Long Tail

In this week's episode, Ken Forster speaks with Kishore Manghnani, Co-Founder, and CEO of Shoreline IoT, delivering the industry's first zero-friction one-stop Asset Performance Management solution. Shoreline is Momenta's most recent venture investment.

Kishore has over 25 years of management experience working at various semiconductor, systems, and software companies in Silicon Valley. Before starting Shoreline, Kishore was Vice President and General Manager at Marvell, responsible for the wireless IoT platform, Smart Home, and Wi-Fi business units. Before Marvell, he worked in various executive roles at Terayon, TeraLogic, LSI Logic, and Maxtor. Kishore holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and an MSEE from the University of Hawaii.

Discussion Points:

  • What would you consider to be your 'Digital Thread'?

  • Kishore, you spent 25 years in the semiconductor, systems, and software industries before founding Shoreline IoT; what are the top three insights you gleaned from that time in terms of IoT?

  • You founded Shoreline IoT in 2019. What inspired you to co-create this company?

  • How do you define Asset Performance Management?

  • By some industry measures, 85% of industrial assets are 'dark,' in other words, unconnected and unmonitored. Why has this been the case?

  • Shoreline uses AI & IoT to make industrial asset management affordable and intelligent for all assets. Can you describe how this works in practice?

  • What have been some of your notable use cases and wins?

  • One of the difficulties associated with the slow adoption of digital transformation in the industrial space has been a long time to value and sales cycles ranging from 18 months to two years. How does the Shoreline solution handle this?

  • Where do you see the greatest opportunity areas for Asset Performance Management in the next 5 years?

  • In closing, where do you find your inspiration?

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What inspires me?

I am inspired by those who challenge the status quo. Individuals or organizations that look at the world around them and are not afraid to stand up and push for change. People like this spark growth in humanity, business, technology, and every aspect of life. In business, I am inspired by leaders who dare to break away from the "tried and true" but rapidly fraying business models. They embrace the future first mindset, envision the possible, and then lean into the change by investing in the next, not the now.

Shoreline is an industrial AI/ML asset performance management SaaS solution company. It enables asset-intensive industries to connect all their assets to manage performance, improve efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, extend equipment's useful life by decades, and unlock rich operational data. It was founded by AI, ML, Cloud, HW, and industrial machine modeling experts from leading companies. For more information, visit

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