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ShorelineAI’s Asset Performance Management with Integrated ESG

Shoreline’s plug-and-play asset performance management delivers breakthrough simplicity and cost efficiencies. Completely self-installed by non-experts, smart sensors automatically connect to the cloud and are auto-provisioned via a rich library of 30,000+ pre-built asset physics models. No additional CapEx is required.

As businesses across various sectors increasingly prioritize sustainability and responsible practices, Shoreline is releasing a new set of advanced tools to empower organizations to align their operations with ESG goals. The new fully integrated ESG capabilities include:


Fully integrated real-time emissions monitoring and leak detection:

ShorelineAI’s ESG solution comes fully integrated with the company’s market leading plug-and-play APM solution. New emission monitoring capabilities generate immediate notification and precise location of leaks and emissions such as methane and VoCs. This solves a critical challenge in industries with high volumes of industrial fuel storage tanks and upstream Oil & Gas assets. This enables companies to take rapid steps to reduce fugitive emissions, helping companies comply with stringent environmental regulations and reduce their impact on the planet.

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Predictive maintenance of clean energy assets:

These enhanced capabilities include robust, machine-specific predictive maintenance and higher operational efficiency for clean energy assets. With wind turbines for example, wear and defects in gearboxes, bearing shells and rolling elements can be detected before failure, maximizing the performance of the asset in a predictive fashion. Additional machine characteristics such as vibration and temperature are also monitored for any out of spec behavior and maintenance needs.

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Energy Efficiency Analytics:

Energy monitoring and optimization for a wide range of industrial motors and other assets is critical to reducing energy waste. Shoreline’s new features deliver high fidelity energy analytics and trending, allowing companies to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency and enabling businesses to minimize their carbon footprint.

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APM for the circular economy:

Advanced recycling has become a booming industry in particular plastics. ShorelineAI’s automated asset health monitoring and predictive maintenance can reduce equipment failure, and accelerate fault detection and remediation. This approach enables a high volume of reducing, reusing, remanufacturing, repurposing, and recycling, significantly reducing the use of natural resources, minimizing carbon, and reducing waste.

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