Predictive maintenance of legacy industrial assets

Retrofit and monitor your assets within minutes with

our AI-driven end-to-end IoT platform 

Industrial IoT scalability challenges

Custom system integration for each project due to multi-vendor software components

Network of

expensive IoT gateways all

over the plant


raw sensor data

drains battery

High annual fixed

costs of maintenance

& software licenses

Lengthy and costly process to setup new IoT infrastructure that disrupt operations

Our massively scalable AI-driven approach

Peel-and-stick IoT sensor w/ tinyML

Fast-onboarding w/ direct connection to Cloud  

No new infrastructure or IT approvals

Local tinyML Engine

Anomaly detection with tinyML enables 5+ years of battery life

Web/Mobile Interface

Real-time alerts and asset monitoring configuration on the apps

Integrated IoT Cloud

Device, user management, AI Workflows

Pay as you grow, low monthly subscription

Shoreline's AIoT solution at

TensorFlow World and ARM AIoT Dev Summit

Shoreline showcasing the product as a part of Google's keynote on TensorFlow Lite

at TF World, Santa Clara and ARM AIoT Dev Summit, Mountain View.

Shoreline demo in Google booth

Google keynote by Jared Duke

Keynote by Pete Warden (Google)

Want to optimize your industrial maintenance?

Retrofit your legacy industrial assets with out real-time self-install Remote CBM solution

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