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Abstract Background
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Smart Wireless Sensor with Direct to Cloud Connectivity

Sensor Measures Largest Number of Health Parameters for Comprehensive Knowledge


Shoreline’s iCast sensor monitors 1,000s of asset, system & process health parameters based on asset types to provide comprehensive knowledge


All other sensors provide significantly lower visibility due to using broadband or limited narrowband parameters

Continuous Monitoring without Expert


Provides In-sensor advanced analytics for 24x7 monitoring


Direct wireless connectivity to the cloud eliminates the need for IT experts & new IT infrastructure

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Physics Model Assets Library in Cloud

  • Our proprietary asset, system and process models look well beyond failure modes and focuses on the causal factors and forcing functions that govern their reliability, performance and useful life

  • Early detection and understanding of these factors permit minor operating and maintenance adjustments that prevent degradation and potential for ultimate failure

Physics Models Asset Library



Physics of Failure


Operating Dynamic Analysis



Parameter Set

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Physics Models Not Limited to Predictive Maintenance


Library with 1,000s Assets, Systems & Processes Models

  • The library includes thousands of dynamic, reciprocating and stationary assets, systems and processes in use worldwide.

  • Unlike most, our solution applies predictive analytics to all essential value-stream assets and is not limited to predictive maintenance. 


Evaluates Thousands of Variables


Assets Automatically


  • Models automatically configured, including systems and processes in the cloud.

  • Creates unique asset baselines and signatures with deep analysis parameters.

  • No longer need experts to configure assets.

  • Serves as the foundation for the comprehensive analytics.

  • Asset, system or process specific Analysis Parameter Sets (APS) automatically monitor and evaluate thousands of vibration and process variables.

  • They drive our predictive analytics engines.

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Self Supervised Deep Learning AI

Continuously builds insights into each machine’s unique operating characteristics, without the need for historical data or technical expertise.

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Predictive Analytics Diagnostic Suite in Cloud

The hybrid physics model and AI/ML based suite provides the real-time actionable knowledge to recommend specific actions and timing to maintain asset performance and reliability.

Smart Sensor
Physics Models
AI ML Predictive Analysis

Read what R. Keith Mobley says about
“Cost Avoidance Does Not Work”

Operational Benefits 

Shoreline’s primary benefit is the means to minimize the total cost of ownership (TCO) of capital assets and the optimal return on an organization’s capital investment (ROIC). By changing the focus of predictive analytics from predictive maintenance and failure prevention to operational optimization, the tangible benefits are unlimited.

Increase revenue & operating profit with

the same staff –

do more with less.


Reduce risks & instability with a more effective asset management model across the enterprise


Provide a comprehensive view of enterprise asset health to drive sustainable performance & optimal ROI


Enable optimal asset life cycle management

• Extending economic useful life
• Lowering operating costs 
• Ensuring optimal return on capital investments.

operational benefits
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