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Asset Maintenance & Reliability Plug Into the Future with AWS & Shoreline

September 20, 2022

Kishore Manghnani

Co-Founder & CEO, Shoreline

Asset intensive industries are plagued by the risk of unpredictable performance, excessive lost production and escalating costs. One factor driving this instability is how capital assets are managed. Shoreline has partnered with Amazon Web Services (AWS) on asset maintenance & reliability to deliver a more effective operational efficiency model. Our solution is built top-to-bottom using multiple services from AWS to rapidly scale and transform industrial asset performance.

Millions of machines are still unmonitored and inspected manually. Current 24x7 asset maintenance and reliability solutions focus on high-end, critical assets. They are designed for use by domain experts, are complex, expensive and not scalable. These solutions require extensive support of reliability engineers, analysts, data scientist, IT and AI experts.

Redefining What is Possible

Shoreline delivers the industry’s first end-to-end, zero friction, fully automated solution that remotely monitors and manages asset performance 24x7. It’s easy to use and cost effective for all assets, not just the high-end critical ones. Our unique AI/ML and software driven approach focuses on achieving sustainable, optimal asset and operations performance. Shoreline’s smart sensing and cloud based industrial software platform provides the real-time, actionable knowledge required to stabilize operating performance, prevent equipment failures and realize maximum return on an organization's capital assets.

We designed the solution for the manufacturing industry. It democratizes automated asset maintenance and reliability for all industrial assets and opens-up a new market for unmonitored assets no other solution can address.

How Is This Achieved?

Our fully integrated, one stop asset performance management platform includes unique features.

  • Smart Sensors with Direct to Cloud Connectivity monitor 1,000s of machine health parameters based on asset types. All other sensors provide significantly lower visibility due to using broadband or limited narrow band parameters. On-sensor advanced analytics provide 24x7 monitoring. Direct wireless connectivity to the cloud eliminates the need for IT experts and new IT infrastructure.

  • Physics Model Asset Library in the Cloud provides comprehensive operating performance, reliability anomaly detection and causal factor identification. Models automatically configure assets in the cloud and create a unique machine baseline and signature with deep analysis parameters as a foundation for the analytics.

  • Self-Supervised Deep Learning AI continuously builds insights into each machine’s unique operating characteristics, without the need for historical data or technical expertise.

  • Predictive Analytics Diagnostic Suite in the Cloud provides the real-time actionable knowledge to recommend specific actions and timing to maintain optimal asset performance and reliability by using this hybrid physics model and AI/ML based suite.

What Are the Benefits?

Our solution is highly scalable and affordable.

  • Domain Expertise is Built-in, eliminating the need and expense of experts, analysts and data scientists all other solutions require to install a solution, configure assets and interpret data.

  • Fast Time to Value – Plug & Play is realized with a proven, fully automated solution that delivers immediate results – from sensor installation to actionable knowledge in hours, not weeks or months.

  • Easy to Deploy & Use with proven DIY sensor installation for non-experts. We also provide easy to consume actionable knowledge for all user types – non-experts, as well as reliability engineers.

  • Open & Extendable Platform uses all available data from production systems to create a holistic knowledge of asset health across operational environments. Platform capabilities can be extended in the field by connecting with 3 rd party sensors and controllers. Our cloud platform enables integration with 3 rd party applications, such s data historians and CMMs, using secure APIs.

  • Enables Emission Monitoring & Energy Reduction including gas leakage detection and monitoring VOC levels

  • Supports Operational Efficiency by providing a comprehensive view of asset health to drive sustainable performance and optimal ROI across an operating environment. Shoreline extends asset economic useful life to reduce total cost of ownership, enabling the same staff to do more with less.

  • Delivered as a 100% Managed APM Platform with a single SaaS subscription, which provides everything a customer needs – sensors + solution – with zero capex.

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