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Partnering to introduce Industry's first “off the shelf” asset performance management solution

Energy and Manufacturing Industries can now afford real-time visibility across all their traditional assets to drive efficiencies, improve reliability & optimize asset performance. This is due to Shoreline’s fully automated, single stop solution, which is highly scalable and affordable for all assets. It provides an alternative to current custom built solutions that are complex, heavily dependent on system integrators, expensive and not scalable, resulting in 15% of assets are currently connected. The first “off the shelf” solution makes it possible to unlock asset data and create streams of operational intelligence across value chains.

End-To-End Automation


No system integrators and experts are needed. It’s easy to set-up & get started in minutes

How is this possible?​

  • Built using AWS IoT and AWS Services

  • AI sensor with proprietary SW

  • Direct sensor to cloud connectivity

  • Physics based models library

  • Self-supervised, deep AI learning

The solution is delivered as a 100% SaaS Solution

Zero Capex

It’s low cost and includes everything you need from sensors to AI/ML analytics to asset management applications and cloud. There are different subscription plans to meet specific customer needs

Value for customers

A confluence of new technologies, not possible two years ago, finally makes asset performance management highly scalable, low cost and easy to use: tinyML, ubiquitous cellular NB-IoT networks and affordable AI/ML. Shoreline’s solution delivers:

Unprecedented Ease of Use
Purpose built for non-experts, our solution brings consumer industry ease-of-use to industrial asset management. It eliminates the complexity and cost of experts, enabling non-experts to understand anomalies, root causes and recommended actions to fix them. It provides these users with the answers they need on what to fix and when. The solution also provides reliability engineer experts with full visibility into all the operational data to provide deeper
insights, especially for specific machine health parameters.

Affordable AI Sensors
Are easy for anyone to self-install in minutes using a mobile application and includes a battery with a five-year life. The tinyML SW, that’s embedded in the sensor, enables edge processing by collecting and analyzing asset data at high resolution to help understand causal factors. It only sends relevant data to the cloud.

Built-in Cellular Connectivity & Local Wireless using BLE
A direct sensor to cloud link is low power, low cost and long range (4x LTE). Since it bypasses local IT infrastructure, it eliminates the need for new infrastructure, such as gateways. If required the sensor can connect with local gateway using BLE.

Hierarchical Asset Library
Physics based models in the cloud auto configure assets in minutes to create a machine baseline. A unique asset signature is also auto configured to monitor a robust set of machine health parameters 24/7 in real time.

Predictive Analytics
Affordable, serverless cloud infrastructure supports predictive analytics and hybrid deep neural networks. Self-supervised deep learning uses unique asset signatures and baselines to generate deep asset insights and highly accurate predictions. It also eliminates the time and high expense of using historical data, as well as the need for data scientist to manage asset data on an on-going basis.

Delivers Fast Time to Value
It’s quick and easy to get started without any experts, IT or system integrators. DIY sensor installation and set-up takes under an hour per asset with two to four sensors. Once the sensors are in place, a machine baseline is generated automatically enabling actionable insights in minutes. POCs only take six weeks to complete. Our pilot starter kits are ready for quick delivery.


built end to end on AWS IoT & AWS services

AWS helps partners and customers innovate and accelerate business change. Its guiding principles, including invent and simplify, inspired us to transform industrial asset management by creating the first “off-the shelf” solution. Energy and process manufacturing industries rely heavily on manual processes and experts for asset performance management. The expense and lack of scalability of current solutions has resulted in approximately 85% of assets are maintained through physical inspections. Lack of continual monitoring prevents full access to operational data, leading to higher maintenance and energy costs and sub-optimal performance that shortens equipment life.

Purpose built for non-experts, our solution is built top-to-bottom using AWS IoT and AWS Services

AWS Architecture

To get started, talk to a Shoreline AWS specialist or email us at

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