Shoreline's iCast1 IoT bridge product showcased at HMI in

AWS booth 

 " Mark Stubbs from Shoreline on AWS Digital Factory Panel  "

 " iCast1 demo at AWS booth "

Hannover, Germany 


Shoreline’s iCast IoT Bridge provides wireless remote monitoring  & control of industrial and commercial assets, using AWS IoT Core or AWS Greengrass Gateway. iCast is capable of collecting data-points from a variety of industrial sensors and can perform protocol translation to facilitate data exchange over industry standard protocols. It supports a low-latency on-device rules engine with an option of using simple mathematical operations and can take decisions irrespective of AWS Cloud or Greengrass gateway reachability.

Technical Challenges Addressed

  • How to extract data from  large number of legacy assets and sensors with wide variety of interfaces & protocols?

  • How to connect legacy assets instantly to Cloud without assistance from specialized technicians & very low upfront cost?

  • How to do this without disrupting factory operations?

  • How to extract the most intelligence and gain meaningful insights from collected data?

  • Programmable iCast HW & SW is remotely configured to change protocols, sensor profiles & local rule engine settings

  • Initial Setup is accomplished within few minutes

  • Integrated with AWS IoT Analytics service