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A Complete Asset Performance Management (APM) Solution

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Supported Assets: Compressors, Blowers, Electric Motors, Engines, Intermediate Drives, Pumps, Gearboxes, Fans, Conveyors, Cranes, Mixers, Casters, Grinders and much more.

An Integrated Solution to Improve Asset Performance & Reliability


One Platform for All Your Asset Data & Analytics

It's the First “Off the Shelf” One Stop Solution

Fully Automated End-to-End

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Connect & Monitor Assets

Select Asset Physics Models in Cloud

Deep AI Enabled Insights

From Sensor Installation to Actionable Insights in Minutes

Our Approach Delivers Fast Time to Value

Operating reliability and life cycle asset management is transformed by making it easy for enterprises to unlock the value of deep operational intelligence quickly.

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Highly Scalable

Start small, scale rapidly

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Affordable for all assets

No Capex - delivered as a low cost, 100% SaaS solution

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Unprecedented Ease-of-Use

Purpose built for non-experts – plug-n-play, self-installed

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Delivers Deeper Insights

Uses a confluence of advanced technologies

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Rapid Solution Deployment

In hours/weeks, not months

It Does Not Require System Integrators or Other Experts

No Custom SW.png

No Custom

No Expertsor Training.png

No Experts
or Training

No CustomIntegration.png

No Custom

No New ITInfrastructure.png

No New IT

No Historical Data – option 2.png

No Historical Data


No Power

We Use the Most Advanced Technology

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AI Sensor with Edge Analytics & SW

Self-install in minutes with 5 year battery life


Direct Sensor to Cloud Cellular Connectivity

Eliminates the need for gateways or new IT infrastructure

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Physics Based Models Asset Library

Creates & autoconfigures machine baselines instantly

Enable Anomaly Detection.png

Self-Supervised Deep Learning AI

Superior asset performance without historical data or experts

Operational Intelligence Is Delivered for Each User Type



Makes it easy to understand anomalies, root causes and recommended actions to fix them. Gives these users the answers they need on what to fix and when.

Shoreline’s ML/AI-driven predictive analytics automatically provides actionable knowledge for users to sustain capital investments.

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Reliability Engineering Experts

Rich operational data and deeper insights are available for reliability engineers to analyze specific machine health parameters. They have full visibility to dig into all the data.

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