Remote Condition Based Maintenance Platform

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Shoreline IoT Condition-based maintenance (CBM) is an infinitely scalable  system that uses proprietary software, ML/AI, Cloud, sensors & IoT to continuously monitor assets, determine their condition & trigger as-needed corrective actions. This enables sustaining optimal reliability & performance from critical capital assets; provide maximum economic useful asset life & assure optimal return on invested capital (ROIC).

Remote Condition Monitoring Applications

End to End AIoT Solution

 Mobile & WebApp

IoT Cloud Service

Wireless micro-Gateway


Shoreline IoT Remote CBM solution enables enterprises to fully automate labor intensive steps involved in maintenance, reliability & asset performance management. Unlike other IoT solutions, Shoreline IoT Platform is highly affordable whether monitoring just one asset or multiple assets.  


Benefits include:

Reduce Cost
Cut maintenance costs and optimize yield 
Avoid asset damage, waste & unplanned


Work Smarter

Real-time insights with AI / ML

Machine data triggers work orders &


Immediate ROI

Self install in minutes with affordable platform
Automate real-time data collection & analysis

Monitor variety of assets, machines & processes

PLCs, VFDs, Meters, Sensors, Fluid tanks, HVAC, etc. 
Manufacturing, facilities, Infrastructure, water/waste 

IoT Cloud Software as a Service

Three cloud subscription options: Individual, Pro and Enterprise. All include cellular data service

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App notes

App notes

Learn more about common applications of the Shoreline IoT remote condition based maintenance and predictive based maintenance platform

Remote Fluid Level Monitoring

Remote Fluid Level Monitoring

Remotely Monitor Modbus Devices

Remotely Monitor Modbus Devices

Remotely Monitor and Control System ON/Off

Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Pressure Monitoring

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