iCast1 Remote Asset monitoring Solution

Software as a Service (SaaS)

End-to-end IoT retrofit solution

With iCast1, a wireless far-edge device and Shoreline Cloud service, you can leverage remote asset monitoring and predictive maintenance for your legacy industrial/commercial assets and sensors.


For easy on-boarding, data logging & anomaly detection



Continuously monitor and optimise asset performance

IoT Bridge

Tiny far edge device with Wi­Fi, BLE, Modbus and sensor ports


Easily manage devices, user/data, monitor assets &

detect anomalies

Fast and secure provisioning

Connect your assets with our Shoreline IoT Cloud in a few minutes with our super-simplified provisioning process.

Work Smarter

Continuously monitor and optimize asset performance, and maintain assets on a need-only basis

Connect to the world seamlessly

The built-in intelligence of our software allows your overall setup to be accomplished within a few minutes and without any assistance from specialized technicians.

Retrofit Factories And Buildings

Factories, commercial buildings or retail spaces can be retrofitted with IoT capabilities in a few days instead of months


Make the best of your solution with our Cloud

Get a complete IoT solution

at your fingertips

  • Remote Asset Monitoring: Get live data and see real-time oscilloscope view of your connected devices

  • Device management: Device activation, Modbus & sensor profile management, health diagnostics, and OTA firmware upgrades can all be managed from the cloud

  • Profile Configuration: Remotely configure profiles for various sensors and actuators using our Web App. A single profile can configure multiple devices. 

  • Rules Engine: Get real-time notifications catering to your personalized rules

  • Export Data To Other Clouds: Download and analyze your data with 3rd party applications as and when you want by exporting data from our cloud. 



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