Shoreline IoT Collaborates with Amazon Web Services to Launch Industry’s First Wireless IoT Bridge to Connect Legacy Industrial Equipment and Sensors Directly to the Cloud

Demonstration with AWS at Hannover Messe 2018 Displays Shoreline’s iCast Hardware & Software Integration with AWS Cloud and Analytics Solutions


[HANNOVER, Germany (April 24, 2018—] Shoreline IoT, an innovator in Internet of Things (IoT) technology for industrial and commercial applications, today announced that it will debut its iCast Platform at Hannover Messe 2018 in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Digital Factory booth (Hall 6, Stand D46) from April 24-April 26, 2018. The highly affordable, small size iCast wireless bridge units plug directly into a variety of legacy industrial equipment and sensors. Software securely registers and connects these devices to the cloud and starts to extract and pre-process data, while also providing protocol translation. Data is then sent directly to the cloud or AWS Greengrass gateway. All of this is accomplished within a few minutes by the built-in intelligence of the iCast software and requires no assistance from specialized technicians. The iCast hardware & software work with AWS IoT Analytics, which can render the collected data into meaningful and actionable information for predictive maintenance and continuous process efficiency improvements through machine learning.


“The iCast platform is solving two industry problems,” said Kishore Manghnani, co-founder and president of Shoreline IoT. “The first problem is how to better monitor and manage a wide variety and large number of legacy industrial and commercial equipment and sensors that are spread all over the factory floor with very low upfront cost and without disrupting factory operations. So we developed the programmable iCast hardware and software platform, which is configured via the cloud to instantly connect to legacy equipment and sensors, and can be remotely re-configured to change local rule engine settings on the fly or adapt to different industrial protocols and sensor profiles.”


“The second challenge is how to extract the most intelligence and gain meaningful insights from the collected data so it can be effectively used to significantly improve and automate digital factory operations,” continued Manghnani. “We addressed this problem by leveraging the capabilities of AWS IoT Analytics.”


The iCast Solution includes: Wireless IoT bridge hardware (dimensions: 3.5”x2”x0.5”), device software, device management, cloud middleware, mobile/web apps and IoT analysis. It can be used by OEMs to integrate and bundle with their own Industrial equipment and sensors or by system Integrators and factory owners as part of their digital factory pilot trials and deployments. The iCast solution and an evaluation kit are available now.





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