Upcoming tinyML Talks

August 18, 2020 at 8 am Pacific.

"Practical application of tinyML in battery powered anomaly sensors for predictive maintenance of industrial assets"

Mark Stubbs, 
Co-Founder and Principal Architect, Shoreline IoT Inc

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Talk at ARM Sumit Dec 3, 2pm PST

"AI Workflow for Large Scale Deployment of Far-Edge ML devices"

In this talk we discuss a set of novel ML workflows that take advantage of containerized cloud computing to allow for simultaneous training and deployment of millions of ML models trained specifically for the sensors they operate on.

- by Kabir Manghnani & Mark Stubbs

Shoreline at TensorFlow World Oct 28-31, 2019

Mark Stubbs, Co-Founder and Principal Architect, Shoreline IoT will be presenting Smart IoT Sensor solution along with a demo as part of Google's keynote on TensorFlow Lite at TF World, Santa Clara. 

Shoreline at ARM TechCon Oct 08-10, 2019

Kishore Manghnani, Co-Founder & CEO, Shoreline IoT will be sharing his views about how the combination of TensorFlow Lite Micro and power-efficient ARM micro-controllers enable intelligent detection of anomalies in challenging applications with limited data bandwidth and requirements for long battery life.  


For more details and to know the timelines please visit https://www.armtechcon.com/agenda

Shoreline at AHAM Summit

Kishore Manghnani, Co-Founder and CEO, Shoreline IoT will be sharing his views about Development in Computing Technologies at AHAM on 30th of October 2018.

AHAM is bringing together home appliance business and technical leaders as they align their views on integrating connected home appliances into the smart home ecosystem. From home hubs and digital assistants, chips and modules, to predictive analytics, machine learning and the cloud, home appliance business leaders and technology manufacturers will discuss their visions of the smart home over the next 1-3 years.


For more details and to know the timelines please visit http://www.aham.org/ConnectivitySummit/

Shoreline IoT ThingWorx Manufacturing App at LiveWorx

Shoreline at AWS booth in Hannover Messe

Shoreline at Sensors Expo & Conference

Sensing the Green in Brownfield Assets

By Mark Stubbs

Often legacy equipment and sensors are difficult to reach and go unmonitored. This session demonstrates how wireless IoT technology such as the Shoreline iCast1 and iCast2 may be applied to collect data from legacy 4-20ma, 0-10V, MODBUS/RTU devices and bring them to the cloud for analysis to provide process insights.

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